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Network meetings, workshops in Kinshasa

Work Shops in Kinshasa

Since February 2012, CongoResearchNetwork is organizing research work shops in Kinshasa

the goal is to organize 10 work shops during the year 2012 (format: 40 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion by an assigned discussant, 20 minutes open discussion)

All work shops are open to everyone.

If you are in Kinshasa and wish to present your material to Congolese and other colleagues, please contact Prof. Claude Sumata 0995810219 or Dr Erik Kennes 0993555526

Preliminary program

21 February 2012 – Dra Vicky Van Bockhaven (Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia): Entre Mythe et Realite: Le Phénomene des Hommes Leopard a l’est du Congo (1880-1936) – La représentation coloniale – ISP Gombe, Salle 30 – 18h – Discussant: Dr Arsene Mwaka, UNIKIN

13 March 2012 – Dra Marie Fierens (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Naissance du journalisme autochtone au Congo belge– Université Catholique du Congo, Salle 18 – 18h – Discussant: Prof. Dr. Noel Obotela, UNIKIN

20 March 2012 – Drs Daniel Ruiz (Peace Studies, Gutierrez Mellado Institute, Madrid): la Criminalite Transnationale Organisee – Université Protestante du Congo – 18h – Discussant: Prof. Dr. Claude Sumata, UCC – click on the title  to see the Power Point presented by Drs Ruiz

3 April 2012 – Prof. Dr. Mumbal’Ikie Namupot Mas (Literature and Linguistics, ISP-Kikwit): Francophonie et Identite Culturelle – UPN – Salle de Promotion – 16h – Discussant: Dr Katrien Pype, MIT and KULeuven

10 April 2012 – Drs Peter Lambertz (anthropology, University of Leipzig and University of Utrecht): Fololo et la force de la beauté à Kinshasa – UNIKIN – CEP local 37 – Fac. Sciences Sociales – 16h – Discussant: Prof. Dr. Julie Ndaya, UNIKIN

22 May 2012 – Prof. Dr. Miles Larmer (history, University of Sheffield, UK): Comparing Copperbelts: The History and Politics of Resource Extraction in the Zambian Copperbelt and Haut Katanga. Etude comparative des copperbelts: historicisation du “resource curse” et la contestation des modernites dans les copperbelts zambien et haut-katangais – UNIKIN – CEP local 37 – Fac. Sciences Sociales – 14h – Discussant: tba. Presentation en anglais avec traduction francaise

5 June 2012 – Drs Leon Tsambu (UNIKIN): Sociodrame, jeu et pouvoir dans le spectacle musical congolais. (Critique sociologique du concert de Wenge Musica MM au Palais des Sports de Paris 1999.) – ISP Gombe Salle 47 – 16h – Discussant Prof. Yoka Lye Mudaba (INA)

12 June 2012 – Prof. Dr. Tom De Herdt (University of Antwerp, Belgium): A la recherche de l’Etat  – enjeux et acteurs de la reconstruction post-conflit en RDC (plus presentation of the book with the same title) – lire De Herdt CRN paper – Universite Catholique du Congo (UCC) Salle 18 – 14h30 – Discussant: Prof. Dr. Claude Sumata (UCC)

19 June 2012 – Prof. Dr. Muzong Kodi : Congo_Etat des lieux de la corruption_12 May 2012 – Universite Protestante du Congo, 16h – Discutant Prof. Dr. Claude Sumata –  ici un Muzong_Kodi_Corruption_et_Gouvernance_en_RDC_nov_2008 copy

During the months of July and August, we are not organizing any workshops in Kinshasa. As from September 2012 onwards, we will resume the workshops.

If you are in Kinshasa and feel like sharing your analyses or research activities in the social and human sciences with colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact Claude Sumata and/or Erik Kennes (see phone numbers above). Also, we welcome suggestions of people to invite.


About Congo Research Network

The Congo Research Network (CRN) is a community of researchers working on DR Congo and its diaspora across the Humanities


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