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  • read here about the recent and upcoming workshops organized by the CongoResearchNetwork in Kinshasa - September-December 2013
  • Read the blog posts written by Congolese and non-Congolese researchers reflecting about their fieldwork experiences in the DRC - go to the category 'field notes'
  • JOIN THE CONGO RESEARCH NETWORK   We are establishing a community of researchers working on DR Congo across the Humanities, called the Congo Research Network. Who? We are concentrating on establishing a critical mass of scholars working on any aspect of Congolese culture from any of the Humanities disciplines. Why? There are a wide range of scholars working on the DR Congo and we feel that it is important for us all to meet both to share our ideas and benefit from other researchers’ input. The Network also aims to be an important source of information for media practitioners, who we envisage being able to consult us when they need information. And, finally, we hope that the Network will be able to facilitate ties with Congolese research communities and so act as a foundation for successful collaborative work between 'western' and Congolese scholars.

Mailing list for Congo-Researchers

The CongoResearchNetwork has a mailing list where Congo researchers can post calls for papers, announcements for events, questions related to research in/on Congo, etc.

If you would like to receive mails from this mailing list and/or participate in this (e.g. sending mails to the others), please send your email address to Roger: roger.alfani@gmail.com -- add in the header: CRN MAILINGLIST

If you plan to visit Kinshasa for a few days and are looking for accomodation, read the following message from Prof. Dr. Bob W. White (U. of Montreal, Canada)

"Together with Professor Lino Pungi (UNIKIN, UCC) I am working on a long-term research project that examines the use of popular arts and popular culture to promote social change. As a part of this research project, we have organized a small research office (not far from Limete) with two rooms that can be used for short-term lodging by researchers coming through the city in need of accommodations. The space is used during the day by assistants and researchers associated with the project, but one of our objectives is to encourage interaction between Congolese and foreign researchers. We would like to give preference to student researchers, but all researchers are welcome. The apartment has wifi, internet, basic furniture and a small kitchen with refrigerator. There is no fee for the accommodations, but for people staying for more than a few days we ask for a voluntary contribution to help pay for expenses. If anyone would like more information, they can contact me directly"
email Prof. White on bob.white [at] umontreal.ca