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56th Annual Congress of the African Studies Association, Baltimore, November 21-23 2013 : panels

I-O-3 Cross-National Studies of Violence and War in Africa Chair: Anne Bartlett, University of San Francisco
Postwar Violence and the Regional Neighborhood: Angola and Congo Compared Ingrid Samset, Christian Michelsen Institute
Democratization and Armed Conflicts in Post-Cold War Africa Adrien Ratsimbaharison, Benedict College
The Evolution of a Red Horse: Development and Decay of African Rebel Organizations 1990 – 2012 Mike Marshall, no affiliation provided
States Make Youth: Youth Identity, Violence and the State in Kenya and Tanzania Jonathan Luke Melchiorre, University of Toronto



II-M-5 Mobility and Authority in Africa Panel I: Settling Mobility, Moving Authority Chair: Jeffrey Fleisher, no affiliation provided
Authority and the East-Central African Caravan Trade: A Congolese Warlord and His Followers at the End of the Nineteenth Century David Gordon, Bowdoin College
Muslim Founders and Matrimonial Politics in West African Precolonial History – A Critical Reading Jan Jansen, Leiden University
Reconstituting an Empire: Royal Itinerancy and Political Hegemony in Early Solomonic Ethiopia Brian Clark, Rice University
The Mobility and Rootedness of Authority in Ancient South Central Africa
Kathryn de Luna, Georgetown University
Discussants: Jeffrey Fleisher, no affiliation provided



V-A-1 African Popular Music: Politics, Economy, IdentityChair: Asligul Berktay, Tulane University
Cultural Anxieties in Perspective: Congo Music and Kenyan Hip Hop RaShelle Peck, Ohio State University (OSU)
Musical Contortions and Commodity: Objectifying Woman’s Body, Exploiting Sexuality and Female Identity in Contemporary Nigerian Music Oty Agbajoh-Laoye, Monmouth University
Senegal’s Hip Hop Youth Says Y’ En a Marre and Asks for Social Change Asligul Berktay, Tulane University
Following the Money: Cultural Impacts of State Support for Creative Industries in Senegal and Burkina Faso Juan Carlos Melendez-Torres, University of Pennsylvania
Discussants: Ryan Skinner, Ohio State University (OSU)



VI-O-1 D.R. Congo: Focus on Kivu Chair: Aliko Songolo, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Kivu’s Armed Groups: By-Product of an Ill-Conceived and Misconducted Peace Process
Kris Berwouts, Independent
Peacebuilding in Africa’s Great Lakes Region: Christian Churches in the City of Goma Roger Alfani, University of Montreal
Power that ‘Jumps the Lake’: Prophets, Politicians and Political Legitimacy in South Kivu Nicole Neggers, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Solutions in the Kivus: The Long-Term Versus the Quick Fix Patience Kabamba, Marymount Manhattan College



VI-M-5 Many Africas: Images, Art, and Material Culture in the Museum – PART 2 Chair: Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University
‘Looking for the Congo in the Congo Style’: The 1897 Congo Pavilion and Art Nouveau Ruth Sacks, University of the Witwatersrand
African Girls’ Needlework Samplers from Christian Mission Schools in Sierra Leone Silke Strickrodt, Independent
Museographic Strategies of an African Art Court in the National Museums in Paris from 1895 to the Present Day Gaelle Beaujean-Baltzer, Musee du Quai Branly



VI-K-1 Particular Christianities: Improvisation and Meaning in African Localities Chair: Holger Hansen, University of Copenhagen – Centre of African Studies
Local Identities vs National and Global Policies: Pentecostalism in Northern Cameroon Tomas Sundnes Drønen, School of Mission and Theology
Nous Sommes Branches’ Fashion, Connectivity, and Muslimhood in Niger Adeline Masquelier, Tulane University
Pentecostal Developments in Rural Uganda Ben Jones, University of East Anglia (UEA)
The Making and Meaning of Pentecostal Congolese Refugee Churches in Uganda Karen Lauterbach, University of Copenhagen



VI-A-2 Insistent Fragments: ‘Amateur,’ ‘Vernacular,’ and other found photographsChair: Isabelle de Rezende, Central Washington University
Affective Archives, ‘Derives,’ and Family Photographs in Kinshasa Pedro Monaville, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
From Legible Victims to Collective Photographic Autobiographies: Zanele Muholi’s Visual Activism Gabeba Baderoon, Pennsylvania State University
Re-Inserting into the Frame: The Photographic Practices and Archives of Immigrant Settler Communities in Colonial Mozambique Drew A. Thompson, University of Minnesota



VII-K-1 Pentecostal Responses to Urbanization in Africa Chair: Adedamola Osinulu, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Between River and Road: Circular Migrations and Reversible Conversions in Northern Mozambique Devaka Premawardhana, Harvard University
Cursing the Mobile Phone: Pentecostal Understandings of Urban Sociality, Sexuality and Social Media in Contemporary Kinshasa Katrien Pype, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Lagos Redemption: Dread, Crowd, and Charisma Annalisa Butticci, Harvard University

The Miraculous City: Pentecostal Appropriations of Lagos’s Urbanism Adedamola Osinulu, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Discussants: Ruth Marshall, no affiliation provided



VII-M-1 Histories of Refugees and Forced Migration in Eastern Africa (1) Chair: Brett Shadle, no affiliation provided
Coping Strategies in Sudanese Refugee Women in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya Jessica Gladden, Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University
An Uncertain Order of Things: Governing Banyarwanda Mobility in Southwestern Uganda, 1945-1966 Ashley Rockenbach, no affiliation provided
Decolonization & European Refugees in Africa: The Mobilization of Kenya’s Settlers for ‘Operation Congo’ Brooks Marmon, American Council on Education
Creating the Camp: Ethiopian Refugees in Colonial Kenya Brett Shadle, no affiliation provided



VII-M-4 Investigating Foreign Aid in Early Independent Africa, ca. 1950-1980, Part I Chair: Jeremy Rich, Marywood University
A ‘Pathetic Contentment?’ Rhetoric and Realities of Development in Lesotho, 1966-70 John Aerni-Flessner, SUNY Cortland
Converting Dollars into Zaires: Struggles Over Leadership and Money in a US-Congolese Aid NGO, 1966-1972 Jeremy Rich, Marywood University
Denying New States to Communism: The United States and the Decolonization of Nigeria in the 1950s and 1960s Olakaunle Lawal, University of Ibadan
Transnational Boundaries: Humanitarian Aid, Development and Refugees in Ngara District, Tanzania,
1959-1965 Jill Rosenthal, Emory University



VII-O-1 The Lord’s Resistance Army Conflict, Intervention and its Effects Chair: Kristof Titeca, University of Antwerp
Expectations of Peace: Documentation, Memorialization, and the Construction of the Archive in Northern Uganda Matthew R. Sebastian, DePaul University
The Bigger Picture: Gauging the Consequences of Military Intervention Against the Lord’s Resistance Army Mareike Schomerus, no affiliation provided
The Lord’s Resistance Army in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Diverging Interest and Actions Kristof Titeca, University of Antwerp
The Lord’s Resistance Army: An Architecture Ledio Cakaj, World Bank



VIII-M-5 Histories of Refugees and Forced Migration in Eastern Africa (2) Chair: Brett Shadle, no affiliation provided
The Paradox of National Identity and Independence: Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia Tekle Woldemikael, Chapman University
A View of Conflict and Displacement in Eastern Congo Through a Genealogy of Rape Galya Ruffer, Northwestern University
Caught between the Land and Sky: Citizenship for Nubian Kenyans Andrea Martrese Slater, African Studies
Ethiopian Refugees Along the Sudanese Border, 1935-41 Tsehai Berhane-Selassie, Independent



IX-P-4 Without or Despite the State Chair: Milli Lake, University of Washington
The Politics of Punishment: Building Rule of Law in the Shadow of the State in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Milli Lake, University of Washington
Business and State-Making in Somaliland’s Utility Sector Emma Lochery, University of Oxford
State-Like Rebels and Rebellious States: The RPF, and the FDLR, in the Great Lakes (In)Security Complex Will Jones, University of Oxford – Balliol College Patrjcya Stys, University of Oxford
A Different Kind of War Story?: Habitus Amidst Cyclical Violence in Eastern Congo Rachel Niehuus, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
Discussants: Kate Meagher, London School of Economics



IX-F-1 Perspectives on Disability in Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo Chair: Jeff Grischow, Wilfrid Laurier University
Claiming the City: Mobility of People with a Disability in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo, and the Reterritorialization of City Space Jori De Coster, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Disability Politics and Community at the Accra Rehabilitation Centre Kathryn Geurtz, Hamline University
Education of Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Kinshasa, DRC: Raising Expectations Heather Aldersey, University of Kansas
Welfare and Disability in Late Colonial Ghana Jeff Grischow, Wilfrid Laurier University


X-N-1 ICT in Motion: Social Biographies of Information and Communications Technologies in Africa Chair: Richard Vokes, University of Adelaide
‘To Repair or Not to Repair’: Unusable Communication Objects and the Experience of the ‘(Once) Modern’ Katrien Pype, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Intersecting Biographies: Houses, Persons and Phones in South-Western Uganda Richard Vokes, University of Adelaide
Mobile Remittances, Networks and Mutuality in East Africa Daivi Rodima-Taylor, Boston University
Radio, Mobile Phones, Elite Formation and Sociability: The Case of Uganda’s ‘Serial Callers’ Florence Brisset-Foucault, University of Cambridge



X-P-4 Group Dynamics in Democratic Election: Exploring Minorities, Bloc Voting and Coalitions in Africa Chair: Jennifer Brass, Indiana University Bloomington – School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA)
A Place for the Muslim Minority of D.R. Congo in Democratic Elections? Ashley Leinweber, Missouri State University
Beyond Ethnic Politics: The Limits of Bloc-Voting in Kenya Jennifer N. Brass, Indiana University Bloomington – School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA)
Can Clientelism Yield Accountability? Bloc Voting and Public Goods Provision in Senegal Jessica Gottlieb, Stanford University – Department of Political Science
Vote-Mobilizing Potential, Opposition Party Strategies, and Coalition-Building in Senegal Catherine Kelly, Harvard University



X-P-5 Extraction on the Margins: The Dynamics of Artisanal Mining in Fragile States Chair: Laura Seay, Morehouse College
A Farmer’s Best Friend? Diamond Mining in Rural Liberia and the Challenges of Regulating the Artisanal Exploitation and Trade in High-Value Natural Resources Steven Van Bockstael, Ghent University
Diamonds and Decline: Post-Boom Extraction in Mbujimayi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Joshua D. Walker, University of Chicago
Good Intentions, Harmful Results: Advocacy, Minerals, and the Congo Crisis Laura Seay, Morehouse College
The Ethics of Excess: Consumption, Destruction, and Their Limits in Artisanal Mines in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo Timothy Makori, University of Toronto



XI-M-4 The Church and Social Life in Angola before 1900 Chair: Jelmer Vos, Old Dominion University
Beyond the Donas: Recovering the Role of Farmers, Petty Traders, and Enslaved Women in Benguela in the 19th Century Mariana Candido, Princeton University
Catholic Revival in Mbanza Kongo, 1876-1909 Jelmer Vos, Old Dominion University
No Church in the Wild: Political Resistance, Ideology, and Local Anthropologies of Religion in Kisama, Angola Jessica Krug, George Washington University
The Nossa Senhora Da Nazare Parish Death Certificates: New Light on the Social and Religious Landscapes of a Slave Port City (Luanda, Angola) Roquinaldo A Ferreira, University of Virginia (UVA)



XII-G-1 International Justice Systems: Impacts and Standards Chair: Nnabuike Malu, University of New England (Australia)
Deterrent or Instigator? The International Criminal Court and Conflict in the Kivus, Democratic Republic of Congo Michael Broache, Columbia University Dept. of Political Science
The International Criminal Court in West Africa: Issues and Implications for Conflict Transformation in Mali and Cote D’Ivoire Nnabuike Malu, University of New England (Australia)
The ICC and Amnesty in Uganda Scott Ross, Yale University
Re-Appropriation of Transitional Justice or a Developing Parallelism in Africa? Ismael Muvingi, University of Winnipeg



XII-L-1 Roundtable: The New Generation of the Congo: Migration, Social Change, and Innovation Chair: Muadi Mukenge, Global Fund for Women
The New Generation of the Congo: Migration, Social Change, and Innovation Muadi Mukenge, Global Fund for Women Aliko Songolo, University of Wisconsin – Madison Ngwarsungu Chiwengo, Creighton University Kasongo Kapenga, University of Richmond

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The Congo Research Network (CRN) is a community of researchers working on DR Congo and its diaspora across the Humanities


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