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1st Blog Post by Catherine Porter

‘Changes to the Plan’ I’m not entirely sure how the fieldwork for my dissertation suddenly came to life.  As a historian, it isn’t something you would typically expect to happen when filling out a university form several terms in advance to apply for fieldwork.  However, this is Lubumbashi and as someone once told me, in … Continue reading

1er post du bloggeur invite Pedro Monaville

Sur le terrain kinois Où ancrer ces notes de terrain ? Mon travail sur l’histoire du mouvement étudiant congolais des années 1960 m’a emmené dans de nombreuses villes du Congo, dans d’autres pays africains, en Europe et aux Etats-Unis.  Les dépôts d’archives visités et interviews réalisés dans ces différents endroits délimitent sans doute, en pointillés, les … Continue reading

3rd and final post by guest blogger Peter Lambertz

Kinshasa, 03.07.11 I am thinking about how to start this third and already last entry. I see the fact that I don’t know where to start, what to tell and how to present things is a as definite sign that I have arrived back here, now, after a month has gone. Things have started becoming … Continue reading

2nd entry by guest blogger Peter Lambertz

Kingabwa, 20. Juni 2011 Tuesday, seven o’clock. No electricity means no coffee. The morning prayer session from next door is over. And I am 30 now! Friday last week was my 30th birthday! It is difficult not to think about what “birthday” means, how we all produce time and age by ritualizing these moments, probably … Continue reading

1st entry by guest blogger Peter Lambertz

Sunday 5pm, Kingabwa, at a table outside on our compound. Noone around, a rare situation. I hear birds, children playing, someone repairing a table next door with a hammer and nails, some shouting far away (football on TV: Kinshasa – Lubumbashi) and the general background noise of the city. Also Rumba from one of the … Continue reading

1st guest blogger Peter Lambertz

Peter Lambertz (*1981) Biography Born and raised in Eupen, Belgium, I studied History in Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels (mémoire de licence on 13th century history of thought), then added an MA in Global Studies at Leipzig university (with exchange semesters in Stellenbosch (ZA) and Wroclaw (PL)). Since 2009 I am member of the graduate school “Critical … Continue reading